Relationships are a demanding project and each couple needs to find an individual path to success. At the beginning of a relationship, this happens effortlessly but everyday life may introduce challenges. While both partners give their best, misunderstandings, recriminations and vicious circles crop up and unintentional injuries happen. Couples therapy aids in understanding each other’s communication and behaviour patterns and jointly develop different ones. In this way old wounds are closed and new, positive experiences become possible, strengthening intimacy and fulfillment.

I accompany and support you while you

  • Find each other again with understanding and recognition
  • Rediscover each other in a loving way
  • Identify and employ measures to deal with crises
  • Develop your future
  • Make decisions about the continuance of the relationship
  • Design a separation in order to minimize possible negative effects on children and assist in the management of the new situation
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