Education and Training

Presentations and workshops for the following topics:

  • Change and conversion as a chance to grow
  • Self-, and timemanagement
  • Healthy in stressful times / Resilience
  • Managing crisis
  • Leading by values and ethics
  • Teams - how they become sucessful
  • Communication - the path to understanding
  • The art of conflict - resourceful strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • Childhodd and puberty (development and parenting skills)
  • Mourning
  • Positive Ageing
  • Counseling in high conflict situations - teams, couples, families

Customized workshops for various topics: Understanding your role in society, the family and the workplace Leadership Resource-oriented Dialogue Methods of counseling Communication - Theory and Skills

Implementation The implementation of classes and workshops into the regular workday will be reviewed through follow ups and other supervision.

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