Teams working in the social and non-profit sector often need time and support for reflection on their work (performance?). Supervision aids in growing a supportive team out of diverse colleagues. Especially in fields where success is hard to measure, where individual colleagues are burdened with difficult situations of their clients this is of the utmost importance. Supervision ensures and improves the quality of work and the motivation (Arbeitsfaehigkeit?) of employees; it stimulates cooperation within the team and between leadership and coworkers. Help in private and professional areas Leadership and teams in non-profit institutions Individuals and teams in the process of professional change Case supervision Review of cases and case history of patients and clients Review of the relationship between the professional and the patient or client Review of personal contribution to casework.

  • Professionelle Helfer/innen im privaten und beruflichen Spektrum
  • Leiter/innen und Teams in Non-Profit-Institutionen
  • Menschen und Teams in beruflichen Veränderungsprozessen


  • Reflektion von Fällen und Fallgeschichten von Klienten/innen oder Patienten/innen
  • Reflektion der Beziehung professionelle/r Helfer/in zu Klient/in oder Patient/in
  • Reflektion der eigenen Anteile des/der professionellen Helfers/in in der Fallbearbeitung
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